Advanced Engineering Materials And Modeling

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The engineering of materials with advanced features is driving the research towards the design of innovative materials with high performances

Meanwhile, computational modeling approaches are the valuable tools complementary to experimental techniques and provide significant information at the microscopic level and explain the properties of materials and their very existence

New materials often deliver the best solution for structural applications, precisely contributing towards the finest combination of mechanical properties and low weight

The book brings together these two fascinating areas and offers a comprehensive view of cutting-edge research on materials interfaces and technologies the engineering materials

The chapters include the following Mechanical and resistance behavior of structural glass beams Nanocrystalline metal carbides microstructure characterization SMA-reinforced laminated glass panel Sustainable sugarcane bagasse cellulose for papermaking Electrospun scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering Bio-inspired composites Density functional theory for studying extended systems First principles based approaches for modeling materials Computer aided materials design Computational materials for stochastic electromagnets Computational methods for thermal analysis of heterogeneous materials Modelling of resistive bilayer structures Modeling tunneling of superluminal photons through Brain Microtubules Computer aided surgical workflow modeling Displaced multiwavelets and splitting algorithms

The mimicking of nature's principles lead to a new class of structural materials including biomimetic composites, natural hierarchical materials and smart materials

The modeling also provides useful insights to possible strategies to design and fabricate materials with novel and improved properties

The topics covered in this book are divided into 2 parts Engineering of Materials, Characterizations Applications and Computational Modeling of Materials